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Aj Net is a leader in e-Procurement Solutions and Services. As a trusted & favored collaborator focused on build tomorrow’s endeavor, Aj Net empowers clients across industries to mechanize the manual procurement process through hi-tech expertise, deep development knowledge and modernization. With our various portfolios of foodstuffs, we are the pioneers in provided that e-procurement services. Our achievement stems from the innovative solutions we provide to our respected clients in order to make the greatest impact in their businesses. We make every effort to create a difference in the domain of e-procurement from beginning to end our deep expertise and gigantic experience.

Aj Net is a MNC registered in Delawar(U.S) and India Headquarter is located at Bhopal. Aj Net is one of the fastest growing web products software company in India. Our developed products are used by more than 45,000 small and medium businesses all across US and Europe. Some of the notable clients include Stanford University, Cisco & Avaya.

Aj Net, was founded as a software company in 2013 by AMIT JOSHI.

It has been four years now since we started our first start-up. We started working from a flat with a team of two employees which is now raised to 33 members.

Currently, we have 15000+ customers across 100+ countries. They all love our products and services.